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Moth is a female Mountain Fairy from The Northern Mountain Village. Her talent is art and she works full time as an artist. Art is also her hobby (mostly painting and drawing). As pet she has a raven called Max.

Life StoryEdit



She has a lot of temper and finds it difficulte to controle. Any way she tries (with help from friends) to learn who to controle it better.


Purple skin, black hair, mark on the forehead typical for Mountain Fairies. Black and purple dress and black shoes


Moth is an art fairy that loves to pain and create.

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Moth's favourite colour is purple and she therefor use it a lot in her painting. Her favourie flower is a black rose with tornes because it reminds her of her mother. Her favourite event is ...

Strenghts and weaknessesEdit

Her temper is defenetly a weakness of hers. While her creative mind is a strenght she often use.

Known forEdit

She's been the winner for the Art Festival every year since she first was a part of it.




"Don't try to atchive something impossible! It's waist of time!", to a little Moss Fairy at the Art Festival

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